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Peeps and Tweets are moderately priced small bird carvings of popular and well known birds .  They are carved in eastern white pine with only enough detail to capture the essence of the bird.  That is, individual feathers are not carved but usually indicated by painting. "Legs," where needed, are done with a small dowel. Bases, (where needed) vary, as can be seen in the pictures.  The Peep and Tweet that will be shipped is not exactly the same as the one pictured and, as they are all individually carved and painted, they all will be slightly different.

Realistic Carvings can be either lifesize or miniature as indicated in the picture.  They are carved in tupelo or basswood and are fully textured. This means individual feathers are carved with quills and barbs.  Eyes are glass and legs are either cast pewter or made from copper and/or brass and epoxy putty.  Painting is in acrylics which are applied in multiple washes.  Bases vary greatly but usually involve some degree of habitat. 

Other South Shore Carvers.  In the past the South Shore area produced now legendary decoy carvers such as Joe Lincoln of Hingham and Lothrop Holmes of Kingston.  In 2007 one of Holmes' carvings, a Red-Breasted Merganser, brought $856,000 at auction - a new record. 

There are  many excellent carvers on the South Shore.  Some of the carvers I know have agreed to have their work pictured on this site along with prices.  You will see a variety of carvings here from birds to animals to characters, from realistic to abstract and stylized.  Other South Shore Carvers I features birds and Other South Shore Carvers II features animals, fish, caricature carvings, and who knows what else. Be sure to take a look.